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Prepping for Isen

deretrex, Aug 12, 11 12:03 AM.
Remember to get ready for the update coming on Sept. 27th. Isen here we come.

SO CLOSE! We will get HM on Wound next Week

Biff44, May 20, 11 2:28 PM.
2.5k away!  Nice work everyone!

Begin Preparations

deretrex, Mar 3, 11 6:49 PM.
With the new raid coming, you need to be preparing for competing in a race with Merples to complete the hardest raid ever invented. WE WILL drop tier 2 HM and get everyone their gear. It's what we do.



deretrex, Feb 21, 11 1:57 AM.
Congrats to the players of WAI who achieved their first LT HM kill last night. Grats to aldstig on legs and Kab on shoulders. Finally you bastards listen to my advice. FYI Jasric will kill you all.

Nice BG Run Last Night

Biff44, Feb 11, 11 11:38 AM.
Always seem to start a little late, but it worked out well in the end.  3 drops last week and 3 this week.  Very nice!
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